Board Communication/Meeting Minutes


Regular Board Meeting Agenda:




Lake Bunggee Flood & Erosion Control Board

Proposed Agenda Monthly Board Meeting:  March 2, 2020

Location: West Woodstock Library (5 Bungay Hill Rd.)


Call to Order at 7:00 pm        

Routine Items for Review:  

  • Review/Approval of Agenda

  • Review of Minutes from January 6, 2020

  • Letters/notices sent by Board or Attorney


Financial Reports:  

Tax Collector           Treasurer                                   

  • Review and Pay Bills

Vote to accept reports as reported


President                 Vice President/Safety      Roads    

Building/Zoning       Compliance                     Lake & Beaches


Guest concerns

  • Constable to present to board
  • Board Vacancies
  • Old Business To Be Discussed
  • review previous month takeaways
  • Beaver Dam Beach



Lake District Meeting Minutes can be viewed here:

Note: Board meeting minutes are taken at each meeting.  The minutes are reviewed by the Board before the next monthly meeting, and they are approved at the next monthly meeting.  Once approved, the minutes are posted here for at least one year.  Minutes from each month's Board meeting are available, (in draft form), on this site within seven days of the meeting;   Some minutes from previous years are available digitally; if they are, they may be viewed at:   

Type or copy the above address into your browser's address line and press Enter.  You will be taken to the minutes archive.



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