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The Lake Bunggee Flood & Erosion Control and Tax District is a private community of approximately 400 properties located in Woodstock, Connecticut.  The Tax District is managed by a Board of Directors who are duly elected each year in May by the property owners of the district.
The District phone number is 860-974-2819
The District mailing address is P.O. Box 231, Woodstock, CT  06281
Individual board members may be contacted by e-mail by sending a message using the "Contact the Board" portion of this website.

The next regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors will be held Monday Oct. 19 at 7:00 pm via Zoom.

  • The agenda and Zoom log-in info will be published in the week prior to the meeting.
  • Due to COVID-19 virus restrictions, we will not hold board meetings at the West Woodstock Library until further notice.
All LBTD property owners are welcome.
On Monday holidays, and some other dates, or because a planned meeting space may not be available, the date and/or location may be changed.  If you are planning to come to a board meeting, check here the day of the meeting for any changes.

Board of Directors' Meeting Monday Oct. 19

The next regular monthly meeting of the LBTD board will be held Monday Oct. 19 at 7 pm.  Please use this updated Zoom log-in info to join the meeting:


You may need to delete the http/https and/or copy-and-paste the link into a new tab or window.

Meeting ID: 967 4655 5545  Passcode: 141531

Join by phone: 1 646 558 8656 
Meeting ID: 967 4655 5545   Passcode: 141531

The meeting agegnda and minutes of the Sept. 21 meeting are posted on the Board Communications page.

Agenda, Minutes Posted

Please see the Board Communications page:

- Board of Directors' Meeting Oct. 19 - Agenda

- Minutes of the Sept 21 BOD meeting  (For review/approval Oct. 19.)

- Updated draft minutes of the bi-annual held Oct. 3  (For review/approval May, 2021.)

Board President Has Resigned

The Lake Bunggee Tax District Board of Directors reluctantly accepted the resignation of President Bob Rath, effective October 5, 2020.  We will miss his work ethic and desire to look forward in addressing issues that we will encounter now and in the coming years.  Sending all good wishes to him for his service on the board.

ATVs Are Dangerous

The board of directors has received many complaints about improper use of off-road vehicles violating State of CT laws and LBTD regulations:
·       Non-registered vehicles
·       Under-age drivers
·       Reckless driving
·       Speeding
Effective immediately, these violations will be reported to the State Police which will result in fines.
These unsafe practices endanger lake residents as well as ATV drivers.  Please use extreme caution and teach your children to behave responsibly!


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