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The Lake Bunggee Flood & Erosion Control and Tax District is a private community of approximately 400 properties located in Woodstock, Connecticut.  The Tax District is managed by a nine person Board of Directors who are duly elected by the property owners of the District.

The District phone number is 860-974-2819

The District mailing address is P.O. Box 231, Woodstock, CT  06281

Individual Board members may be contacted by e-mail by sending a message using the "Contact the Board" portion of this website.


The next regular monthly meeting of the District Board of Directors will be held:

  • April 6, 2020 we will not hold the meeting at the library but the board will teleconference
  • 7 pm at West Woodstock Library

See the Board Communications section of the website a few days before the meeting.  The final planned agenda will be posted on that section of the website.  All lake property owners are welcome.

On Monday holidays, and some other dates, or because a planned meeting space may not be available, the date and/or location may be changed.  If you are planning to come to a Board meeting, check here the day of the meeting for any changes.




Candidate Update as of 3/242020. The following have submitted their intent to seek a position on the LBTD BOD.

The President and  Lake Chair are NOT seeking reelection to the board. The Complience position is open as well

  • Juliet Hansen -     Vice President / Safety
  • Bob Rath -           President
  • Deb Hervieux -    Treasurer
  • Katie Rogala -      Tax Collector
  • Greg Favreau -     Roads
  • Burt Hansen-         Clerk
  • Kathy Wagner-      Building and Planning


Covoid 19 -  I will use this to pass on info   The Govenor has opened the FISHING season for the year.  Enjoy.     The Govenor has said towns  may hold their meeting via phone without the public and this will not violate open meeting laws.  He  has also told cities and towns they can pass budgets this year with out voter approval.  The LBTD MUST have a budge in place by July 1 2020 for the next fiscal year.  We will be discussing at our April meeting  when to hold the  biannual and how to handle the budget if we can not hold the meeting. As of now all meeting places are closed.  This is not ideal but it is the reality of the times we are in.  We will keep you updated.  Stay safe.  Bill Wagner President     updated 3/25/2020


Important Notice -  The Library, Church and BFB are all closed to the public-  The LBTD April meeting will be conducted via phone.  We take this unprecedented approach due to the current times.  The Treasurer and I will meet that day or the following to sign checks,

We will decide at the April meeting if we will hold the Bi Annual meeting in May  If it is postponed we will hold in at the end of June as we have to have our budget for next year approved.  

If you have any concerns or suggestions please reach out to any of the board members,

The Board hopes you and your family all remain vigilant and safe over the coming months.

Bill Wagner President

How to run for office – May 2,2020

· Any property owner within the Lake Bunggee community can run for any office to serve on the Board of Directors

· All incumbent or challengers must notify the LBTD President of their intent to run before 12:00 noon on March 31, 2020.

· All incumbents/challengers must submit their notification to the President using our LBTD Website. Select the President from the “Contact the Board of Directors” section.

· In the note to the President, please provide your name, email address, and the Position you are seeking to run for.  IMPORTANT: if you do not receive a response from the LBTD President within 24 hours, please resubmit                      

· Individuals can select and run for one position

· The final names and associated positions will be posted on the LBTD website on April 4, 2020. LBTD  Positions are: President; Vice President; Treasuer; Tax Collector; Clerk; Lake & Beaches Chair, Compliance Chair; Building & Zoning Chair.  Please note - ANY property owner noted on property deed may run for a position on the LBTD BOD.





INFORM 2/18/2020 the phone system is down   To contact a board member please click on 'Contacting The Board' and e mail the member you want  

Inform -  Election Status -  Compliance Chair is unfilled.  The President position is being vacated.  Remember you can run for any position that is currently filled.  Please consider running for the BOD at our May bi-annual.

INFORM -  The use of ATV's on LBTD Roads - Dirt bikes and ATV's are not allowed on lake roads.

Our two Lake Bunggee boat launches have been fitted with RED locks, which are owned by the Bungay Fire Brigade.  Please do not attempt to remove them or tamper with them. Thank you!

Boat registrations forms can be found on this website and a copy will be mailed in mid-April to property owners in the Call to Meeting documentation.  GUEST BOATS MUST BE REGISTERED with the LBTD BOD  before entering the water.  It is essential that boats going into the lake have not been in any other body of water for at least 7 days prior to launch.


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