The Lake Bunggee Flood & Erosion Control and Tax District is a private community of approximately 400 properties located in Woodstock, Connecticut.  The Tax District is managed by a Board of Directors who are elected each year in May by the property owners of the district.

Contact the board: 860-974-2819  P.O. Box 231, Woodstock, CT  06281. Use the "Contact the Board" page of this website to contact board members by email.

Emergency Meeting Held Sept. 1

The Board of Directors held a meeting Wednesday 9-1-2021 to discuss unfolding plans for the October Bi-Annual Meeting coming up Oct. 2.  Per CT FOI, meetings like this are permissible as long as minutes are posted within 72 hours.  The minutes are on the Board Communications page. (9-3-2021)

Minutes and Recording of 8-16-2021

Draft minutes and the recording of the 8-16-2021 board meeting are available on the Board Communications page.

Next Board Meeting: September 20

The next regular monthly meeting of the Lake Bungee board of directors will be Monday Sept. 20, 2021, at 7 pm.  Zoom info, agenda, and reports will be posted the weekend before the meeting.

All LBTD property owners are welcome - please join us!

Litigation Documents

There are two complaints against the LBTD board regarding property on Little Horn Lane. The board recently received documents from the attorneys involved and those documents are on the Studies & Reports page.


Storm Updates

9-3-2021 - Work continues on repairing damaged beaches, eroded roads and downed trees caused by the storm of 8-19 AND the remains of Hurricane Ida on 9-1.  September has already had record rainfall, and the month has just begun!  Thank you again for your patience.  Please be cautious!  

8-30-2021 - Please be aware that contractors are coming as soon as possible to clean up storm damage, particularly the huge wash out at Lyon Road Beach, the tree down at Beaver Dam Beach and the stump/crater near the dam. Your patience is appreciated! Please continue to be carefull around these areas. 

8-27-2021 - A grateful Thank you! to Justin Sherman for removing the tree that fell across the road at the dam!  Much appreciated!

8-19-2021 - 7:20 pm  The Lyon Road Beach is taped off, but please be cautious - the edge of the road is not stable!  Children should NOT be playing there! Please be careful around ANY washouts.  We offer Thank you! to the Bungay Fire Brigade and Josh Bottone who provided the caution tape and traffic cones and even set them up for us! The board has been staying on top of this all day, and especially Jen Beams and Greg Favreau have worked hard to address the problems. 

8-19-2021 12:20 pm - Heavy rain last night and this morning caused damage at several areas around the lake. The Lyon Road Beach is washed out and a contractor is on the way to begin repairs.  Board members are assessing damage elsewhere around the lake, and further information will be posted as it becomes available. We hope everyone is safe! 

Volunteers Needed to Develop 5-Year Lake Plan

Lake & Beaches Chair Bill Wagner is forming a Lake Committee to work on a 5-year plan for lake, beaches, and dam improvements.   In addition, volunteers are needed to manage the water level in the winter (minimal commitment) and to help with the swimming area buoys in spring and fall. This committee will meet informally 3 or 4 times per year. 

If interested please email lakesandbeaches@lakebunggee.org

Bunggee Dam Emergency Action Plan

The draft Emergency Action Plan for the Lake Bunggee dam by Engineer Karl Acimovic can be found on the Studies & Reports page. 

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