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To Joe Camperts family and friends please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss…our thoughts are with you during this difficult time.


The Lake Bunggee Flood & Erosion Control and Tax District is a private community of approximately 400 properties located in Woodstock, Connecticut.  The Tax District is managed by a nine person Board of Directors who are duly elected by the property owners of the District.

The District phone number is 860-974-2819

The District mailing address is P.O. Box 231, Woodstock, CT  06281

Individual Board members may be contacted by e-mail by sending a message using the "Contact the Board" portion of this website.


The next regular monthly meeting of the District Board of Directors will be held:

  • Monday November 4, 2019
  • 7 pm at West Woodstock Library

See the Board Communications section of the website a few days before the meeting.  The final planned agenda will be posted on that section of the website.  All lake property owners are welcome.

On Monday holidays, and some other dates, or because a planned meeting space may not be available, the date and/or location may be changed.  If you are planning to come to a Board meeting, check here the day of the meeting for any changes.




Fisher People  - one of our neighbors 4 pawed  pets had a fish hook imbedded and had to have surgery   We were asked to post a reminder to pick up your fish hooks.

INFORM -  The use of ATV's on LBTD Roads - Dirt bikes and ATV's are not allowed on lake roads.

Inform -  based on reccomendations from SOLitude, our Lake managment company, we will NOT be treating the lake this summer.  We have a healthy and thriving lake.

ATTENTION:  WE still need a volunteer for the Clerk Position.  Please reach out to any BOD member.     4/8/19

Please Note:  We have received complaints from residents around the lake that property owners are tossing leaves and brush on lots that are owned by Joe C or the Town.  Just a reminder this is prohibited.    2/5/19

Our two Lake Bunggee boat launches have been fitted with RED locks, which are owned by the Bungay Fire Brigade.  Please do not attempt to remove them or tamper with them. Thank you!

Boat registrations forms can be found on this website and a copy will be mailed in mid-April to property owners in the Call to Meeting documentation.  GUEST BOATS MUST BE REGISTERED with the LBTD BOD  before entering the water.  It is essential that boats going into the lake have not been in any other body of water for at least 7 days prior to launch.


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